IBPS Exam Preparation and An All-in-One Book


IBPS Exam Preparation Tips:

IBPS is an autonomous body that conducts the recruitment process for some Indian govt undertaking banks. They are responsible for fixing on IBPS exam pattern and IBPS exam syllabus.

Here we will give you some secret tips to achieve your goal. You will be able to crack the exam following our guidelines.

What to do? Nothing! Study according to the syllabus as described on their website www.ibps.in. Collect Books for IBPS PO that follows the syllabus accordingly and follow the Tips for IBPS Exam Preparation as described below.

Secret Tips for IBPS Exam Preparation

#1 What is the IBPS Exam Pattern:

IBPS Exam pattern is of three stages. There will be Two stages of Online Exams (Preliminary and Main Exam) and a personal interview.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) arrange to conduct the preliminary and main exams to select the qualified candidates.

They declare the results of online preliminary exam and inform the shortlisted candidates about online main exam.

They also declare the results of the main examination and inform the shortlisted candidates about the interview.

To Crack IBPS Exam, Start preparing for the both preliminary and main exam. Because, IBPS CWE ( Preliminary Exam ) is only a qualifying test. Only marks of Main exam is added to prepare the final merit list.

There are some Best books to Crack IBPS Exams that follows the latest IBPS exam pattern as conducted by the Institute.

Best Book For IBPS PO : 

Comprehensive Guide to IBPS-CWE Bank PO Exam by Disha Experts is based on the latest exam pattern and latest syllabus as mentioned in the IBPS notification.

One thing I love for this book is that the book covers all the sections of the Preliminary and Main Online exam. English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Computer Aptitude and Banking Knowledge and General Awareness all are explained thoroughly.

#2 Know IBPS Exam Preparation Syllabus for Preliminary (CWE):

You have to clear the CWE first to attain the main examination. The best Tips to Crack IBPS Exam is that follow the official syllabus as below and get the expected cut-off score-

Name of Test No of Questions Maximum Nos Duration
English Language 30 30

Composite Time
of 01 Hour
Quantitative Aptitude 35 35
Reasoning Ability 35 35
Total 100 100

In the Preliminary exam, you should give attention to three subjects-
  1. English Language -you will face 30 objective questions for 30 marks in this test. 
  2. Quantitative Aptitude -here will be 35 questions for 35 marks to solve in the CWE exam. 
  3. Reasoning Ability -you will have to solve 35 questions for 35 marks in the preliminary examination. 
Total duration of IBPS CWE exam will be 1 hour.

#3 IBPS Exam Preparation Syllabus for Main:

After successfully completing the preliminary exam, shortlisted candidates will be called for the main exam. Marks of the main exam will be added to prepare the final list of successful candidates.

This exam is harder than the preliminary exam. you have to study 5 subjects thoroughly to prepare for this exam. IBPS Exam Syllabus for main exam includes English language, Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, General awareness with special reference to Banking and Knowledge of computer.

Name of Test (Not by Sequence) No of Questions Maximum Nos Medium of Exams Time (Minutes) for Each Test
Reasoning 50 50 English & Hindi 40 
English Language 40 40 English 30 
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 English & Hindi 40 
General Awareness- With Special Reference to Banking 40 40 - Do - 20 
Computer Knowledge 20 20 - Do - 10 
Total 200 200 140 

If you want to crack the Exam, you should study all the above subjects thoroughly and get ready for a vast competition. To get the IBPS expected cut-off marks, your preparation should be of grade-1.

#4 IBPS Exam Question Pattern:

Knowledge of English language is an important factor for most of the competitive exams, mainly bank exams in India. To prepare for IBPS PO Exam and IBPS MT-IV exam, English grammar & composition is most important.

Objective General English by R.S. Aggarwal is a comprehensive guide to give you knowledge of English with emphasis on the syllabus.
Study the below subjects in details for better result.
  1. Grammar 
  2. Synonyms & Antonyms. 
  3. Comprehension 
  4. Error Correction 
  5. Sentence Rearrangement 
  6. Vocabulary 
  7. Cloze Test 
  8. Fill in the blanks 
  9. Para jumbles 

Quantitative Aptitude is another important subject to study to prepare for this Exam. Main chapters to prepare quantitative aptitude is as follows-
  1. Fractions 
  2. Ratio and Proportion 
  3. Percentage 
  4. Profit & Loss 
  5. Simple Interest & Compound Interest 
  6. Mensuration 
  7. Partnership 
  8. Bar graph, Pie-chart and Probability 
  9. Average 
  10. Number Systems 
  11. Time & Work 
  12. Time & Distance etc. 

They will check your Reasoning Ability and your power to solve a problem through this exam. Prepare the below chapters thoroughly for this section.
  1. Analogy 
  2. Classification 
  3. Seating Arrangements 
  4. Syllogism 
  5. Ranking 
  6. Coding-Decoding 
  7. Directions 
  8. Blood Relations 
  9. Series problems 
  10. Data sufficiency etc. 

Banking Awareness and Knowledge of computer are special subjects to qualify in the IBPS Main Exam.

Financial Awareness, Indian Economy and Budget are the basic things to learn for banking awareness.

You need to learn all the fundamental concepts involved in Computers and the most commonly used Abbreviations, Glossary, Technologies & Terms used in banking and current information & developments in the IT field.

For this, you can study Arihant's Banking, Computer & Marketing Aptitude for Bank Clerk/ PO Exams to get the best result. This guide consists of complete chapters on General Awareness specially banking awareness, latest happenings in the Banking arena.and understanding the fundamentals and the current developments in the Computer domain etc.

IBPS Exam Preparation Books

Do you want to get all the subjects in a single book? Disha Publication's Comprehensive Guide to IBPS CWE Bank Prelim+Main is a good guide for you. This book also works as an ideal practice study material. The book has thorough explanation of all topic which is included in syllabus. This is the best-selling IBPS Exam Book to prepare for the online test.

This edition of Comprehensive Guide to IBPS-CWE Bank PO Exam has been made especially for the CWE Bank PO Main exam. The book is created on the pattern of the current examination IBPS Exam Pattern.

To Crack IBPS PO and MT Exam, the book includes all the sections that can be asked in the Preliminary & Main PO exam such as- English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Computer Aptitude and Banking Knowledge & General Awareness.

Moreover, the book has also numerous number of critical reasoning and their explanation according to syllabus of banking exams.

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#5 Study IBPS Exam Preparation Question Papers:

Previous years question papers will help you to get an idea of the question pattern of this exam. With a knowledge of IBPS Exam question papers from previous years, you can increase your level of confidence.

There are many books providing the IBPS Exam Paper. You can buy these preparation tools in a format of book from a book store.

IBPS Exam Papers: Common Written Exams for Bank PO/MT with Detailed Solutions is a such guide written by K. Kundan. This exam book aims to guide the candidates to prepare IBPS Exam with solutions to the papers.

Another book Comprehensive Guide to IBPS-CWE Bank PO Exam is also the writer offers fully solved 2012, 2013 and 2014, 2015 IBPS question papers with solutions.

#6 Practice will Make you Perfect:

The main Tip to Crack IBPS Exam is learn and practice again and again. Some of the subjects are based on practice only.

You can not clear the reasoning ability test and quantitative aptitude test without practice. These two subjects consumes more time to solve the problems.

Learn the short-cut methods of Maths to speed-up your preparation. Discover your own methods to solve the reasoning section. More you practice more you learn.

IBPS Exam Preparation Tips

  • IBPS exam preparation book 20 Practice Sets Workbook with SYNC-ABLE CD provides 20 Practice Sets (5 Preliminary Exam Tests + 15 Main Exam Objective Tests) 11 in the book and 4 in the CD. This book is designed exactly on the pattern of the latest IBPS Bank PO/MT Exam.
The book has been empowered with a CD which contains 4 Mock Tests too.

The CD provides the results and solutions immediately after the students submit a test.

The book also provides detailed solutions to the 2011 - 2014 question papers along with the descriptive tests.

  • Another best selling book to Crack IBPS Exam is 101 Speed Tests for IBPS Exam. The book covers all the concepts, where in sectional test is also provided in the end of every chapter.
Practice makes perfect while performance provides the right cues to improve and perform better.

These tests allow students to prepare the checklist of their own and sharpen their ability to solve problems.

#6 Time Management Tips to Crack IBPS Exam:

You should know how to manage your time in the exam hall. If you have done your preparation with ultimate interest, you will be able to get the Cut-off marks.

When solving the questions, try to solve the easy problems first. 

General awareness, computer knowledge and English language sections are easy to score more marks than the other two sections. These sections consume less time to answer.

You can practice with a stopwatch to manage your timing to solve the questions.

Make a target date to finish your study. Try to finish your chapters within a period of time. You can speed up your preparation following this technique.

But, keep your mind cool. 

#7 Rule of Internet, Social Media etc. for IBPS Exam Preparation:

Internet plays a major rule in today's life. Most of you use social media like facebook, twitter, googleplus etc.

IBPS Exam Preparation fb: There are facebook groups for students where aspirants discuss their problems and get solution from others. GKandJobs is a facebook page that helps the candidates to prepare for various examinations.

But learning from social media wastes your time. You can not focus on the main topics.

Many students love to download IBPS Po Exam preparation tools from internet. But, to save less money they lose more valuable time.


If you are serious about to Crack IBPS Exam, these tips are for you. You can win the race just following this easy guide.

Best of luck.

Remember these tips for IBPS Exam Preparation.

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