The 03 Best Books for AFCAT Written Exam in 2017


Written Exam is the first door to enter to the selection process of Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT).

So, if your dream is to join Indian Air Force after your graduation you have to clear the Written exam first.

There are a lots of books in the market to prepare for this exam. You have to choose the best ones to get the study materials prepared according to the syllabus and latest trend of the exam.

I will help you to get only the best book for the upcoming AFCAT. From the hundred of AFCAT preparation books you have to choose only two or three. So, it is important to know which book is recommended by the toppers and the experts.

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#1 AFCAT (Preparation Book by Arihant)

Best Book for AFCAT Written Exam

This book is exclusively designed for the written exam of AFCAT. To make your preparation easier this book has been divided into four important sections.

These sections cover all the topics according to the latest syllabus. Moreover, each of the chapters contains ample number of solved questions which have been designed on the lines of questions asked in previous years’ AFCAT Admission Test.

You will find the following Subjects in this book.
  1. General Awareness:  The General Awareness for AFCAT written test covers History of India, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, general Science etc
  2. Verbal Ability in English: For this exam, Verbal Ability in English section covers Comprehension, Common Errors, Sentence Completion, Synonyms & Antonyms, One Word Substitution and Idioms & Phrases, Cloze Test, Sequence of sentence / Words.
  3. Numerical Ability: The Numerical Ability section covers Number System, Fraction & Simplification, Percentage, Profit and loss, HCF & LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Simple & Compound Interests, Unitary Method, Work and Time, Speed, Distance and Time, Algebra . 
  4. Reasoning & Military Aptitude Test: According to the syllabus, Reasoning and Military Aptitude section covers Identifying Valid Inferences, Statement and Assumptions, Statement and Arguments, Identifying Truth and False Statement, Statement and Conclusions, Figural Series, Figural Classification, Series, Coding-Decoding, Analogy, Classification, Spatial Ability Test.
You will get both study materials and practice sets in this book. At the end of each chapter, you will get unsolved practice exercises to verify your knowledge on the chapter. Solving these practice sets you can self analyze yourself and know where to give more time to study.

Previous years papers help to understand the question pattern for AFCAT exam and thus you can increase your believe lebel studying the topics only related to the exam.You will get an exact idea of the types of questions asked in the examination.

In this book, solved questions will ensure effective comprehension of the concepts covered under the syllabi of the common admission test. 

This book is prepared by Arihant Experts and contains ample solved problems along with study materials. Also this book is designed strictly on the lines of the examination pattern, it is the recommendation of Experts as the perfect and the rapid resource book for preparation for the upcoming AFCAT.

#2 Let's Crack AFCAT (Preparation Book by- SSBCrack):

Best Books for AFCAT Written Exam

SSB Crack is specially known for Air Force Exam Books. They have prepared this book for AFCAT written exam Preparation according to the revised syllabus.

According to the toppers in the previous years, this book will help you to crack the AFCAT in first chance and help you to achieve your target.

The study materials in this book is prepared in an easy to remember way. They have notes on some short cut tricks which you can apply to solve the questions with less effort.

This book contains an overview of preparation strategies and psychological tricks before certain topics that can help you grasp the most from it.The tabulated approach towards the topics makes remembering the points and recalling it easier than other AFCAT books.

For example, the flow diagrams before history topics are the perfect way to kick-start and understand & remember Indian history in the best possible way. The book also contains a section dedicated to history dates and corresponding achievements for better remembering and referring the dates.

Along with study materials there are chapter-wise solved questions after every topic with a separate section for the previously asked solved questions, making it easier for aspirants to refer to previous years papers of the same topic.

Moreover, the book is prepared keeping in mind the needs of candidates both during preparation and revision. Most of all, the book is prepared from the aspirant's point of view. It contains a section SSBCrack Special which highlights the best tips to tackle the AFCAT.

So, you are advised to collect this book too for make your preparation more perfect.


#3 The New AFCAT Guide With 10 Past Papers (2011-2016):

This is another best book prepared strictly according to the latest exam pattern. The book has been prepared strictly according to the questions asked in the past 10 AFCAT tests held from 2011 to 2016.

The theory portion consists of 4 Comprehensive Sections on:
  1. General Awareness: 1. History 2. Geography & Environment 3. Civics and politics 4. Basic science 5. Defence 6. Sports 7. Miscellaneous 8. Current Affairs"
  2. Verbal Ability in English:1. Vocabulary- Synonyms and antonyms 2. One word substitution 3. Error detection 4. Fill in the blanks 5. Cloze test 6. Reading comprehension
  3. Numerical Ability: 1. Number System 2. Decimal Fraction 3. Simplification 4. Ratio and proportion 5. Average, problem on ages 6. Percentage 7. Profit and loss 8. Simple interest and compound interest 9. Time, speed and distance 10. Time and work/chain rule
  4. Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning 1. Analogy 2. Odd one out 3. Series 4. Coding decoding 5. Logical deduction 6. Statement and assumptions Non-verbal Reasoning 1. Analogy/ Odd one out 2. Non-verbal Series 3. Completion of figure 4. Image Analysis 5. Embedded figure 6. Rotated block 7. Spatial ability-(Dot situation and similarity in figure)
  5. Military Aptitude Test: (including Spatial Reasoning).
An exhaustive question bank has been provided at the end of each chapter in the form of an exercise. Solutions to the exercise have been provided at the end of each chapter.

Past solved papers: March 2011 Solved Paper August 2011 Solved Paper March 2012 Solved Paper August 2012 Solved Paper February 2013 Solved Paper February 2014 Solved Papers August 2014 Solved Papers February 2015 Solved Papers August 2015 Solved Papers February 2016 Solved Papers

These are the 03 Best Books for Written Exam of this AFCAT in 2017. You should study hard to qualify for the the second stage of the exam. So, start your preparation today.

Best of luck.

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