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06 Things You Must Know About AFCAT Selection Process

Before preparing for the AFCAT 02 of 2017, learn the complete process of selection for the upcoming Air Force Courses. If you get the knowledge of AFCAT Selection Process, this will help you prepare for the Exams and training programs.

AFCAT selection process


#1. AFCAT and EKT Process:

All applicants whose applications are submitted by due date will be called for AFCAT and Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT) at one of the examination centers. The due date for AFCAT Selection Process will be declared soon.

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Documents to carry to the AFCAT and EKT centers

For AFCAT Selection Process, candidates must carry Admit Card and a valid photo identity card such as passport, driving license, voter identity card, college identity card or any other valid photo identity proof while reporting for AFCAT center and for AFSB Interview.

The admit card which is attested at the AFCAT center is to be carried for the AFSB interview. The onus is on the candidate to produce the valid proof of identity which authenticates name and the date of birth mentioned in Admit Card.



AFCAT Process:

The AFCAT will be of two hours duration and will contain multiple choice questions on verbal ability, numerical ability, reasoning, general awareness and military aptitude.

Sample question papers and syllabus of AFCAT/EKT is available on IAF career website www.careerairforce.nic.in.


EKT Process:

EKT would be for 45 minutes and conducted immediately after AFCAT. It is mandatory for the candidates opting for the ground duty (technical) branch to pass both AFCAT & EKT.

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#2 AFSB Tests for AFCAT Selection Process:

Candidates who are short-listed on the basis of AFCAT/EKT will be called for further testing at one of the Air Force Selection Boards (AFSBs) at Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar, Varanasi or Kancharapara.

Candidates who opt for flying branch can opt for Dehradun, Mysore and Varanasi only.


The testing would consist of three stages as given below:

  1. Stage-I: This Test consists of Intelligence Test along with other tests will be conducted on the first day. Stage-I test is a screening test and only those who qualify would undergo subsequent testing. All Stage-I qualified candidates would be subjected to document check to ascertain their eligibility for the branches applied for. Those candidates who either do not qualify in Stage-I or do not meet the required eligibility criteria would be sent back on the first day itself.
  2. Stage-II: Testing consisting of Psychological, Group Tests, and Interview will be conducted on subsequent days (Five Days).
  3. For Flying Branch: Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS) would be administered to eligible candidates. This is once in a lifetime test. Candidates who have failed the (CPSS)/PABT in an earlier attempt or a Flight Cadet suspended from flying training at Air Force Academy will not be eligible to apply.



Change of Interview Dates:

Change of AFSB interview date may be considered based on the circumstances of the case. Request for such change should be forwarded to the respective AFSB as mentioned in the call letter and not to Air Headquarters/AFCAT Cell.

The AFSBs may consider the change of date at their discretion. E-mail ID and telephone numbers of AFSB centers/contact details of AFSBs are available under the link of contact-us at Indian Air Force website www.careerairforce.nic.in.




#3 AFCAT Selection Process at Medical Tests:

Medical Examination will be conducted at AFCME, New Delhi or IAM Bengaluru. These tests will be based on the recommendations at AFSB.

Non-reporting of candidates on allotted date for medicals could lead to cancellation of candidature.




#4 AFCAT Selection Process Final Selection List:

Candidates recommended by the AFSBs and declared medically fit will be detailed for training if the candidates qualify in the final merit list depending on the number of vacancies available in various branches/ sub-branches.

Grant of PC/SSC in Ground Duty (Technical) and Ground Duty (Non-technical) Branches would be based on the number of vacancies, performance in the selection process and the choice given to the candidates.

No compensation will be paid in respect of any injury sustained during the testing at AFSB.


10% of the vacancies are reserved for NCC Air Wing ‘C’ certificate holders in Flying, Ground Duty (Technical) and Ground Duty (Non-technical) Branches. But, this is not NCC special entry scheme.




#5 Training after the AFCAT Selection Process:

After shortlisted in the final selection, A candidate should join the training program.

The duration of training for Flying and Ground Duty (Technical) Branches is 74 weeks and that of Ground Duty (Non-technical) Branches is 52 weeks at Air Force Training Establishments.

Physical Conditioning. Prospective candidates are advised to keep themselves in good physical condition to adapt to physical training at AFA which encompasses running, swimming, rope climbing and other forms of physical training /conditioning in which they would undergo mandatory tests during training.


Marriage Rules:

Candidates below 25 years of age must be unmarried (term unmarried excludes widower and divorcee even though without encumbrances).

Marriage is not permitted during training. Married candidates above 25 years of age are eligible to apply but during training period they will neither be provided married accommodation nor can they live out with family.

Considaration for othe exams:

After admission to Air Force Academy, candidates will not be considered for any other commission.

They will also not be permitted to appear for any interview or examination after they join for training in the Air Force Academy.




#6 Appointment:

Candidates would be given joining instructions for joining the AFA. No other intimation would be given till final merit list is prepared. A candidate would have to make it in the final cut off merit list after completion of written tests, AFSB recommendations, and medical examination, to be eligible for joining Indian Air Force.

One year mantedate seniority will be granted to the candidates joining Ground Duty (Technical) Branch Courses. 30. PAN Card is a mandatory requirement to join AFA.

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